Creating sustainable change through waste recycling and community engagement.

With a recycling program that covers it all.

You earn rewards

Earn rewards to your favorite brands, restaurants and stores.

No material left behind

We have the largest list of recyclable products that you don’t have to worry about the seperation.

We handle the logistics

Local centers allow for easy drop off and we take it from there.

Material List

A Renu Energy processing facility can recycle 75% more materials than your current centers today.

Our state of the art centers process more reusable material than the conventional recycling centers in the market today, allowing a wider range of materials and products to be produced back into the economy.

More reusable materials means more
care for our planet

The more we recycle the more we can reduce waste and the impact we have on our planet.  Many of the products we waste today are not being recycled and sent to the landfill.  Renu can process most of what is being wasted today creating a greater care for our environment.

We take responsibility everywhere we go.

With the Renu app you can find recycle stations, track and cash out on your rewards.

Our Team

Chris Westmoreland

President, Founder

Chris has a 30-year history of experience encompassing all aspects of Polymer Raw Material, Plastic Conversion Methods, and Venture Development. He has spent 30 years in design and construction of 1000s of oil and gas, pharmaceutical, wood and pulp, recovery, product separations, and many other type plants and chemical companies all over the world.

Brian Loney

Executive VP & COO

Brian is a Senior Engineer with over 20 years experience in the post-consumer plastics recycling industry . He has 20 years of experience in project managing and running plants in several countries. He has headed Maintenance departments and programs, Startup/shutdown programs for other oil and gas companies and Renewable Energy companies.

Chance Ruffing


Chance, has over 30 years investment and merchant banking and management experience. He has assisted in raising over $500 million and served as board member and/or officer in over 40 public and private companies.

A future for everyone

This is our planet and our future, when we reduce waste as a community we all create a better future.



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